Nostalgic view and nostalgic music “These magnificent men and their flying machines” put us in the mood several decades ago. Planes from the same era make the ambiance complete.



 With a perfect airshow weather and excited spectators, this show was a breeze. 

  I had a chance to get a closer look at the F-18. But what was really revealing is talking to Ross Granley, who flew those for six years in the airforce, on how actually capable and maneuverable these jets are – if you know how to. 

  On the way to Whitehorse it was fun to do several wheels up shows – Teslin, Tagish, Marsh Lake, Carcross. The team spotted some bears and buzzed buffalos on the way. The real treat was to have the F-18 joining us on this VFR mountain flight through the valleys. The F-18 demo pilot, “Glib”, is actually from Whitehorse, and it was very personal and emotional for him to return today into his home town, having realized his childhood dream. Yukon scenery today was absolutely breathtaking! I had hard times flying formation and taking pictures. But I could not help it.

  When we arrived to the hotel, I never thought I would be so excited about internet that uploads more than three pictures per half hour!  The evening ended with a welcome reception in the local historic museum, incl. a buffalo dinner. We learned from the payor that you can take a cup, and drink the water straight from the Yukon river right here in Whitehorse. But it came with a warning: if you do, you will never leave – because you will fall in love and stay in Yukon.    

  Arctic Aviation Tour so far: 

Distance flown: 1215 nautical miles 

Airshows flown: 6 

Communities visited: 8