Today is the Orthodox Easter. I had a long drive today and time to think. Looking back at the last weeks, where our life as we knew it changed beyond recognition, I realized I felt... peace.


It was surprising to me, because I'm the kind of person who has the next 12-24 months usually planned in details, and yet I don't even know now what happens tomorrow... And I'm ok with it. I've distanced myself from some people, not just physically. And it's ok. I met new great and like-minded people, and one day soon we'll even be able to give each other a hug. I have no idea what happens in the next days, weeks, months - with my business, family, health. But looking at the past years, I've had times I paid over $50 for one dinner, and times I had $50 as my monthly food budget. I've run a marathon or jumped an (under-rotated) axel on the ice, and I had times I couldn't walk. But my track record of getting through all this stuff is so far 100%. Because I'm NOT in control. He is. And He is good. We don't know all the future, but it will be ok. Because while we are still figuring it out, He's got it. Thank You Jesus! For everything.