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How to Become a Stunt Pilot Online

Stunt pilots are those who dream of thrill-seeking aerobatic maneuvers in the air. These aviators train extensively to master the fundamentals of flight. They also hone advanced aerobatics skills and pursue professional certifications to prepare for air shows.

Rock Solid Arcade’s take on this familiar genre is a satisfying test of skill, although I wish the game offered more incentives beyond the plain score screen.

Aerial Stunt Pilot

When you see stunt planes performing amazing aerobatic maneuvers at air shows, it makes you wonder what it would be like to fly that airplane yourself. Becoming a professional stunt pilot requires extensive training and logging many flight hours. The job is also very physically and mentally demanding, as pilots must live with the constant knowledge that any given air show could be their last.

Aerial Stunt Pilot is a talented and brave girl who can preform many stunts in her Mustang. She loves flying and she enjoys the thrill of doing amazing maneuvers. One of her favorites is the four-loop spin dive. This involves climbing to a high altitude and then pulling back on the stick to cut power, causing the plane to do four loops in the air while diving. This is a very dangerous move, and Aerial only does it when the weather conditions are perfect.

Aerial is a very kind and helpful girl who always has a smile on her face. She has a very close friendship with Plum Pudding, who is her biggest fan. She also has a pet flying squirrel that she calls Eagle. Aerial is very good at fixing vehicles, and she even has a side job working with Berrykin Bruce at the mechanic shop.

Stunt Island

Stunt Island is a flight simulator with a Hollywood movie-making module. It was released by Walt Disney Computer Software in 1992 and features a fictional island with different film sets such as cities, airports, oil rigs, canyons and even an aircraft carrier. The player can choose from a variety of planes with distinct flying characteristics and flight envelopes. The game’s editing room allows the player to take existing footage and splice it together with music, sound effects and credits. The game is designed to run at 30fps on a standard 386 and includes digitized audio, Gouraud shading and real-time shadows.

The game can be played in a campaign mode where the player is challenged with 32 stunt assignments, such as landing on a moving train or slaloming between sky scrapers. The game can also be played as a free-form mode where the player can roam the island and perform stunts of their own design. The game’s stunts are scored based on difficulty and the better the player performs, the higher they rank in the Stunt Pilot of the Year competition. The winner of the contest receives a new airfield named after them. This game is one of the most unique in its genre and still highly regarded today by many gamers.

Sky Combat Ace

Ever since the release of Top Gun, many aspiring aviators dream of tearing through the sky like a real-life fighter jet pilot. Now, you can live that fantasy with a Vegas stunt plane experience. The Las Vegas-based company, Sky Combat Ace, offers stunt flights in a number of aerobatic aircraft. Unlike other paid flight experiences, the stunt pilots at Sky Combat Ace actually let you fly the plane!

The same stunt plane that crashed Saturday, killing a Nevada pilot and a passenger, was part of the Sky Combat Ace fleet. According to federal records, the FAA has sought or taken action against the company on multiple occasions citing safety violations and risky maneuvers.

Strap into the cockpit of some of the world’s most formidable fighter planes in this high-speed, wing-splitting, heart-pounding tactical dogfight. Then, take the experience to the next level with PlayStation VR support for an unmatched level of death-defying immersion. Fight standalone combat missions, tackle a hangar tour, or watch death-defying aerial displays in the skies of Strangereal. As the Kingdom of Erusia declares war on the Osean Federation, nations collide in this riveting installment of the Ace Combat series. The game was released in 2015 and has become one of the best-selling PlayStation VR titles to date.

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